Herculaneum Fast Entrance Ticket

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Explore Herculaneum, an ancient Roman town that was better preserved than Pompeii after Mount Vesuvius's eruption in 79 AD
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Discover the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum.
The city was buried by ash after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. but, unlike the nearby Pompeii, much of the city was preserved: roofs, beds, doors, food and even 300 skeletons!
Walk along the cobbled streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site and imagine what life was like before the devastating eruption. Be amazed by the artifacts that have retained their original shape for almost 2000 years.

Visit the buildings still intact at your leisure, admire the perfectly preserved frescoes and try to imagine the everyday gestures of the people who used the shops, the public gym and the baths that you can still admire today.

What's included

- Priority entry ticket

What is not included

- Guided tour
- Lunch


- Show your ticket printed at the online ticket office of the excavations
- Children pay only for priority entry.

Important information

- This is a daily entrance ticket, you can enter when you prefer, respecting the times of the Archaeological Excavations.
- You have to present a valid ID if you are buying a reduced ticket, or if you are eligible for any sort of discounts.
- Last admission 90 minutes before closing time.


- Cancellations are not allowed for this ticket.


  • Walk among ancient villas, tavernas, and bathhouses and see clothes and furniture kept intact by the volcanic eruption
  • Escape the modern cities and take a historical day trip from either Rome, Naples or Sorrento


  1. Parco Archeologico di Ercolano